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Leadership and Service Awards

Each spring, Samford recognizes the outstanding contributions of student leaders at Leadership and Service Convocation.  Four university awards are presented during this ceremony, as well as the Luke 2:52 Award, Shelton Community Service Awards, and two Omicron Delta Kappa Awards.

University Awards
Service Award: The Service Award was established by Margaret Davidson Sizemore in her role as a member of the Birmingham Service Guild and her service to Samford University. Mrs. Sizemore served the University for many years as Dean of Women, professor of French, and as Director of Community Affairs.  The award honors a student in the graduating class who, in the opinion of faculty and staff, best exemplifies the qualities of social service that Margaret Davidson Sizemore demonstrated.

Gail Hyle Memorial Award: In February of 1961, a well-loved Samford senior named Gail Hyle was tragically killed in an automobile accident. She was a drama major, student leader, the reigning Homecoming queen, a cheerleader, and a friend to every student.  The campus was stunned by the tragic death of one who was so highly respected by the faculty and fellow students. The campus newspaper carried a fitting tribute. The last two lines of the Crimson article read, "Gail Hyle, beautiful as the campus she loved, lived the qualities of this Christian college. These will remain always as a tribute to her memory."  The Gail Hyle Memorial Award was established by her family. It is given annually to a woman in the graduating class who best exemplifies those outstanding qualities of Christian character, leadership, school spirit, and service, which Hyle possessed in abundance.

John R. Mott Award: For thirty-two years, John R. Mott was the chairman and visionary behind the student volunteer movement whose missionary motto became "the world for Christ in this generation."  The John R. Mott Award was established by a friend of Birmingham to be presented to a man in the graduating class who represents high character, scholarship, and student public service.  During his extremely active and global life of service, he made four round-the-world trips, served in seventy-three countries, was decorated by sixteen nations, and received honorary degrees from eight distinguished universities which included Cornell, Yale, Princeton, Edinburgh, and Brown. In 1946, Mr. Mott was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

James M. Sizemore Award: James M. Sizemore was a 1929 graduate of Howard College who became a recognized executive and authority in his chosen field of transportation. He was an active member of numerous civic, cultural, and service organizations who gave unselfishly of his time and efforts for the betterment of his community. Mr. Sizemore was also recognized as a person of integrity, leadership, and soundness of judgment.  The James M. Sizemore Award was established by Margaret Davidson Sizemore in memory of her husband. The award is presented annually to a person in the senior class who has best demonstrated character, personality, scholarship, and unselfish service to Samford University.

Other Awards
Shelton Community Service Award: The Shelton Community Service Awards were established in 1982 in honor and memory of Rufus W. Shelton, Class of 1932, by Dr. and Mrs. R. Waid Shelton, Jr.  By secret ballot and vote of the SGA Student Senate, one undergraduate man and woman is selected each year to receive these awards. The awards are not intended for the most popular among us, but for those who have done the most toward improving life at Samford – whether by working hard on campus activities, by the inner courage of smiling in the face of difficulty, by brilliance in and devotion to an art, or by any other way that has shone brightly as a special sustained effort for the betterment of community life.

Luke 2:52 Award

Omicron Delta Kappa Freshman Leadership Award

Omicron Delta Kappa Leader of the Year Award