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The Student Judiciary Council reviews and resolves parking appeals submitted by students.

 Appeals Process
1. Student appeals citation in his/her Banner account.
2. Appeal is sent to the Student Judiciary Council (SJC).
3. SJC reviews appeal, determines whether or not to Grant, Reduce, or Deny the appeal.
4. SJC notifies student of their decision via the student’s Samford email address.
5. Credits to student accounts are automatically adjusted.



1. Respectful appeals.
2. Citation history (number of citations).
3. Repetition of same violation.
4. Degree of violation.
5. Number of previous appeals.

6. If a student does not have an Auto Decal registered to the student’s account, the appeal will be denied automatically.
7. If a student is registered as a Non-Driver, the student is not eligible for an appeal under the student’s current status. Students are responsible for updating the parking/driving status in Banner before operating a vehicle on campus.
8. If the student’s vehicle was immobilized by the Department of Transportation Services, the appeal will be denied automatically.
9. If a student has received a Values Violation, all appeals will be denied automatically. Please see the Office of Student Affairs for more information.


 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I appeal my ticket?
To appeal a ticket, log in to Banner and complete the Ticket Appeal form.

When will I find out the decision from my appeal?
The Traffic Appeals Committee meets weekly to review the students’ appeals. You should receive their decision within a week of submitting your appeal online.

What if I didn’t know what I did was against parking policies?
Ignorance is not an excuse. Even if you didn’t know what you did was illegal, you are still responsible for your actions. This should encourage students to become familiar with the parking policies.

What if a parent/friend/spouse was driving my car?
The driver of the vehicle is responsible for all violations incurred by the vehicle, regardless if they were driving the car or not.

What if I have an injury and need to park close to the buildings?

For instances where a mobility issue is present, please call the Public Safety office at 2020 for a transport on campus. For instances where a long term mobility issue exists, please contact the Department of Transportation Services for a temporary parking pass.

Can handicap or fire lane violations be appealed?

No, handicap and fire lane violations are non-appealable, $100 fines. Fire Lane and Handicap laws are mandated by the City of Homewood and the State of Alabama. These violations are not at the discretion of any department on campus to be voided at anytime.

What are the most common violations?
Parking in an unauthorized color zone and not having a decal are the most common violations.

Parking Survival Tips

1. Register your vehicle in Banner, this includes ALL vehicles that you drive on campus.
2. Leave vehicle in designated lots Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-4:30 pm.
3. Faculty/Staff lots are very restrictive lots. Expect a ticket if you decide to park here!
4. Parking & Driving policies are enforced 24 hours a day.
5. Excessive tickets can result in vehicle immobilization and loss of campus driving privileges.
6. Appealing a ticket, does not mean you don’t have to pay it. You are responsible for paying all citations, unless otherwise notified by the SJC.

 If you have any further questions or concerns regarding parking on campus, please visit the Transportation Services Website.






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